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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rules and Routines...teach them early!!!!

The first few weeks have gone by so fast.  My 24 Kindergarten kids have adjusted well.  We went on a gingerbread man hunt through the school and on the way we found the lunchroom, bathroom, media center, car pick up area, bus loop, playground, and all of the locations of our specials (PE, Art, Music, Computer Lab).  Our hunt ended back in our classroom where the Gingerbread Man had left us gingerbread cookies.  The kids were so excited that he left us a snack.  This kept them from being upset that we were unable to "catch" him.  After we took 1 bite out of our gingerbread man cookies we graphed what part we ate first.  This was a fun way to explore our school with a familiar story, eat a snack, and get a graphing lesson in :) 
We read about when the monster came to school.  After hearing about all the wrong choices the monster had made, we brainstormed rules to help the monster make better choices.  These became our class rules.  The monster hung out for a while to make sure that the kids made great choices.  We then decorated out own monsters.   



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  1. I love the Gingerbread man bulletin!!
    SO cute!! Great Idea!