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Monday, September 9, 2013

Literacy Stations

It's time to change reading stations.  My reading stations stay the same for 2 weeks and then some are rotated out. 
Station 1 - using alphabet beads and pipe cleaners to spell sight words

Station 2- Letter Factory DVD on the computer.  Fantastic video!
 Station 3 - Number words to 0 -10 and color words spelling on cookie sheets with magnets.

Station 4 - Sight Word Poems
Station 5 - Alliteration Station - match the beginning sound of each picture to the correct letter.
Station 6 -  Rhyming Word puzzle

Station 7 - Writing Station. 
 I purchased Draw and Write Crayola Workbooks for every child.  Each week while at this station, they are able to add to the unfinished picture and then write or label their picture.

 Station 8 - Write the room. 
 Students walk around the room writing words they see that start with a, b, c, etc...
 Station 9 - beginning sound match
Station 10 -  Montessori Crosswords App 

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