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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

19, 20

We are almost finished representing numbers!  

19 Anchor Chart

19 - drawing a set
19 - represented in different ways
20 - Drawing and numbering our set


All money for the Dugan Dash is Due on MONDAY!   

Kindergarten will run on Wednesday, November 5

The prizes are great and the winning classroom will receive a party and a $50 iTunes Gift card to use for our iPad!

1 Pledge ($5)-Mood Pencil
5 Pledges ($25)-Dugan Dragon Water Bottle
10 Pledges ($50)-Inflatable Celebration (during dash day)
15 Pledges($75)-Dugan Dragon Running Club T-Shirt
20 Pledges($100)-Pizza with Principal
TOP Fundraising student-$100.00 Visa Gift Card
4 Runners Up-$25.00 Visa Gift Card

If you have misplaced your envelope you can write the pledges on a sheet of paper and attach the money in an envelope or ziplock bag :) 


Tuesday, October 28, 2014


We read several books on spiders today.  The kids were shocked that spiders are not insects...they are arachnids 

We made spiders and graphed "Are spiders cool or creepy?"

Then we charted all the facts we learned about spiders! 

We made our own webs and wrote information on spiders.  


We learned some interesting things about  bats! We illustrated our bat poem and then we read several books and charted the information we learned.  We them wrote some of the new facts we learned about bats. 

Team Up Against Drugs

We all supported our favorite teams today! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Silly Sock Day

Today is Silly Sock Day! 

Tall, Small, and Fall letters

We are really working on making sure our letters are placed on the line correctly. Some letters are Tall (b,d,f,h,k,t,) and some fall (j,p.,q,y) and the rest are small. 

As I flashed the letters on the board the students either jumped up for fall, squared down for small, or fell down for fall. 

Pumpkin Carving

Today we carved our pumpkin. First we decided which pumpkin face we would carve. Everyone drew their choice and we graphed to see which design would win. 

Next we drew on the cave and I began carving. 

Here is our finished product complete with a "snotty nose" 
They liked him like that 😊

Then we wrote about our pumpkin.