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Thursday, October 2, 2014

10, Pancakes and Pajamas, Big Al, Pencils, and Peacocks

We had so much fun eating pancakes and wearing our pajamas to celebrating P week. I loved that some of the students organized their pancakes to look like the number 5 on a dice. :) 

 We made Peacocks our of the letter P. They turned out so cute! 

 We completed our very first 50 chart today! I called out the number and they colored it to reveal the mystery picture. As the year progresses, we will complete 100 charts and I will no longer call out the number. I will show the place value for a number and they will compose the number and color it. 

 We also composed and decomposed the number 10 and represented it in different ways! 

 Blake had Big Al all week and POOR BIG AL! He ecame back in a Georgia tshirt! 

 The class was so sad about it ;)

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