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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pumpkin Investigation

We read The Biggest Pumkin Ever and then discussed...

Circumference is how big around something is .... In kindergarten words.  We estimated the circumference of one of our pumpkins today.  I let them choose how much yarn they would need in order to go perfectly around the pumpkin. 
We went out in the hall to do our measuring. 
Some were too short 

Some were too long

And 2 were just right. 
Way to go Beau 
Way to go Kalee
We charted our estimations. 

Next we all held out pumpkin.  Then we decided if it would float or sink. 

Mrs. Amos did the honors of lowering the pumpkin into the water. 
Drum roll please.....
It floated!!!
Good job guessing correctly Layla, Manny, and Lizzy! 


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