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Monday, September 30, 2013

Math Stations!!

It's time to switch up those Math Stations again!   The kids were very excited today when they were introduced! 

Station 1 
greater than, less than,equal to 
The student draws a card and thenmakes a set that is greater than,lessthan, and equal to the card


Station 2-War
Students work in groups of 2 or 3 to determine whose card is the greatest. Each player flips over a card that has a 10 or 20 frame on it.  They must determine how many and figure out who has the greatest number.  That person gets the cards. 

Station 3- Cross out
Students use a 10 sided dice that has dots to represent a set of 0-9. They must roll the dice and the cross out the number that matches that set.  They must cross out all of the numbers.  

Station 4- number match
Student are matching the number to the set to the number word. 

Station 5 
My favorite numeracy app !  
Find Sums

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall Break

I hope you all enjoy your Fall Break.  When we return, I will be begin final assessments for the end of the 9 weeks. Conferences will be the week of October 14-18.  If this is your first experience with parent /teacher conferences, here is some information. 
Conferences are scheduled 20 minutes apart.  
We do our best to have sibling conferences scheduled closely.   
It helps to make a list of questions you have so you don't forget.  
If you cannot make it to your conference, ask for a phone conference or a conference before school.
My late nights (my last conference will be at 5:40) will be on Monday (14th) and Thursday (17th).  If you need a different time, let me know and we will work something out.  

Have a fabulous fall break!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Germ Quest!

Wellstar came out today and talked to the kids about germs.   They discussed what germs are and how they get in your body (eyes, nose, mouth, and cuts). 
We were able to put a special option on that showed our germs (under a black light) and then went and washed our hands. 

 When we came back out hands were checked again to see if we got rid of all our germs.   

We discussed all the times we need to wash our hands. 

Make sure to ask your child about germs!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Representing Numbers 0-20

When each number is introduced we reviewed how to form that number and then what that number "looks like".   Each student is introduced to how to show that number in tally marks, place value, ten frames, drawing a set, and dot cubes.  They also were shown how to write the number word and how to tell if the word was even or odd.  Here are some exapmples of how your child will represent their number.   The first half of the page is for 0-10.  The bottom half is for 11-20.  CLICK ON LINK BELOW PICTURES FOR MY EXAMPLES :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter of the Week

We use Saxon phonics .  Each craft goes with our "Letter / Sound of the Week"

 The students enjoyed making a L shaped lady bug.  
Then filling in ~ My ladybug has ___ spots. 

Letter O - owl shaped as an O....cute!!!

There are so many cute pictures we could have done but I love this goose.  Giraffes are cute but do not make the "hard" /g/ sound.   We will teach the "soft"/g/ sound later on in the year. 

 H is for house!   Too cute!  They each turned out so different.  

T is for tree.  They loves creating their leaves out of tissue paper.  

P is for penguin!!   These turned out so cute!!

Letter M- my mountain is snowy. 
I am camping on my mountain. 

Community Helpers

We have been discussing community helpers.  

We read about doctors and Discussed how they keep is healthy and make us feel better when we are sick. 
We made cute hats! 

Next we discussed police officers and how they keep us safe. They loved walking down the hall in their hats.  

Next we discussed fire fighters.  They were able to make fire trucks in Art with Mrs. Dilts.   The firemen also came to visit. 
        The fire fighters did a great job! 
        The best Kindergarten class!!! 

              The sirens were loud!

Teachers were next.  Although teachers don't have the cool hats or awesome vehicles, I told them teachers are a little like super heros...not sure they believed me :) 

Mail carriers were the next community helper discussed.   I am amazed how many of them said they did not know about stamps.  They were able to create their own.   

Soldiers are my favorite community helpers.   We read Nubs.   This story always makes me cry.  Please ask them about this book :) 

We discussed farmers and how they help us by growing our food and raising animals for food.  We will discuss more as we prepare for our field trip to Carlton Farms!!!!!

Bakers are one of the community helpers in our standards.  We are very blessed to have Quinn Thomas as a PTA officer and she makes amazing cakes (they taste as good as they look).  She came in with the kids and showed pictures of her cakes and then made icing with them. The kids were then able to decorate their cookie with purple icing (our color of the week). YUMMY!!! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Our PTA needs your help.

Our enrollment is extremely low this year.   

There are a couple of things you can do. 

2. Volunteer when you can.  We need you to participate at the fall festival, count out copies for events, man the door at spirit nights, etc...  
Quinn Thomas is in charge of volunteers.  You can email her at jqthomas@yahoo.com

3. Small things add up...
          Help out by sending in box tops
          "Vote" for us at the Facebook -   
          Target cares page.  You can vote 
          once a day.  Each vote  = $1.  
          Send the link to family and friends


Friday, September 13, 2013

Sound Muncher

Every week we introduce a letter and its sound (s). This week was the letter T. The kids brought in Tigers (which we all know an elephant sound Muncher will devour...LSU/Auburn) and even a horrible University of Georgia tie ...poor sound Muncher gagged on that one.  We had all kinds of yummy T words to feed our Sound Muncher!  This is an activity the kids LOVE!!! 

Zero the Hero

He is at it again!   Zero the hero visited on the 10th, 20th, and now the 30th day of school. He always leaves us fantastic zero shapes treats and turns our singles into rods (place value).   We love when he comes!