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Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter of the Week

We use Saxon phonics .  Each craft goes with our "Letter / Sound of the Week"

 The students enjoyed making a L shaped lady bug.  
Then filling in ~ My ladybug has ___ spots. 

Letter O - owl shaped as an O....cute!!!

There are so many cute pictures we could have done but I love this goose.  Giraffes are cute but do not make the "hard" /g/ sound.   We will teach the "soft"/g/ sound later on in the year. 

 H is for house!   Too cute!  They each turned out so different.  

T is for tree.  They loves creating their leaves out of tissue paper.  

P is for penguin!!   These turned out so cute!!

Letter M- my mountain is snowy. 
I am camping on my mountain. 

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