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Sunday, September 8, 2013


Math, Math, Math....I love teaching Math.  I never thought I would utter those words but I love it.  I love teaching the basics of Math.  Just like how the Phonological Continuum in Reading progresses with sounds and the manipulation of sounds before a letter is introduced, number concepts begin with sets and quantities before numbers are introduced. So what are the basics?
1. Children need to be able to look at a set and tell if it is <,>, or = to another set.
2. Children need to be able to count a set of objects and know that each item represents one number.
3. Children need to be able to count a set and when they finish know that the last number they said is the amount in their set.
4 &5.  Children need to not only be able to identify a number, they need to know that a number isn't just a digit, its a quantity.  They have to "see" a number as an amount.
6.  Children need to be able to look at a set and tell how many (or have counted that set already) and be able to continue counting. (Example, if a child counted 4 beads and then you hand them 3 more, they should be able to say I had 4 now I have 5,6,7.  I have 7 beads)
7. Children need to be able to see standard sets and know how much they.  (Ex, dice and domino dot patterns, playing card patterns)  *See link below
8. Children need to be able to state what is one more and one less than a given number.  As this skill progresses , 2 more and 2 less.
9. Children need to be able to make 5 and 10 quickly.  (Ex. If they have 4 apples, they need 6 more to have 10.  If they have 1 orange, they need 3 more to have 5)
10.Children need to be able to identify if they need to identify the whole in a word problem (addition) or a part (subtraction)

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