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Sunday, September 1, 2013

2D Shapes

It is the 3rd day of school and we are starting Math Workshop.  CCGPS frameworks have us starting with 2 weeks of 2D shapes.  We discussed the attributes of a shapes and locating them in our environment.  The 1st week I introduced  a shape and day and we charted our 2D shapes (circle, square, rectangle, oval, and triangle), the attributes of each shape and where we saw the shapes in our environment.  Each day in our Math Journal, the students would draw 2 pictures of the shape that they knew was in our environment (ex. they would draw a picture frame and a rug for a rectangle).  They loved being able to show their new classmates what they had drawn at closing time.
For Week 2,  our opening consisted of stating our standard, and reviewing our shape of the day.  When it was work time the students were given a large shape and told to turn it into what ever they wanted (ex. a triangle was turned into pizza) . We closed out our 2 week unit with a snack shape sort.  They enjoyed sorting their food and then getting to eat!
 Closing went FABULOUSLY this week!

Work Time during Math Workshop

This is our Anchor Chart we used to 2D shapes this week.  Every day we discussed one shape and the students were able to draw on the chart for their closing.


 We sorted 2D shapes.
 We used hair gel (and food coloring) in bags to make our 2D shapes.
 We used geoboards to make 2D shapes.
 We made 2D shapes with our geoboards.
 We used different sizes and shapes to create "Shape Monsters"


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