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Monday, September 16, 2013

Community Helpers

We have been discussing community helpers.  

We read about doctors and Discussed how they keep is healthy and make us feel better when we are sick. 
We made cute hats! 

Next we discussed police officers and how they keep us safe. They loved walking down the hall in their hats.  

Next we discussed fire fighters.  They were able to make fire trucks in Art with Mrs. Dilts.   The firemen also came to visit. 
        The fire fighters did a great job! 
        The best Kindergarten class!!! 

              The sirens were loud!

Teachers were next.  Although teachers don't have the cool hats or awesome vehicles, I told them teachers are a little like super heros...not sure they believed me :) 

Mail carriers were the next community helper discussed.   I am amazed how many of them said they did not know about stamps.  They were able to create their own.   

Soldiers are my favorite community helpers.   We read Nubs.   This story always makes me cry.  Please ask them about this book :) 

We discussed farmers and how they help us by growing our food and raising animals for food.  We will discuss more as we prepare for our field trip to Carlton Farms!!!!!

Bakers are one of the community helpers in our standards.  We are very blessed to have Quinn Thomas as a PTA officer and she makes amazing cakes (they taste as good as they look).  She came in with the kids and showed pictures of her cakes and then made icing with them. The kids were then able to decorate their cookie with purple icing (our color of the week). YUMMY!!! 

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