Monday, September 18, 2017


 Each night you should be reading to your child for at least 20 minutes. As they become better readers, it can transition over to  them reading to you. As you read they can look for sight words and work on tracking their print. (Tracking print is when you read and have your finger under each word as you say it. ) This helps them get a connection that words are made up of letters, those letters make sounds, and the sounds work together to make words. It sounds very simple however sometimes  this is a concept that is missed.

 You should also be working on site words with your child each night. It should not be over 3 to 5 minutes of you showing them the flashcards. Remember the rule 7/10. For every seven they know,  add in three that they don't. This will give them the confidence to keep trying. Quickly run through the cards and pay attention to which ones they are consistently getting. Just because you were finished with a list doesn't mean you should put those words away. Keep those out for your bank of words that they know  and always review them so that they are not forgotten.

 My main goal for your child is for them to love learning. I want them to come home and tell you about their day, not dread doing homework! They should be active and playing and be kids!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Upcoming events

Coming Up:
Monday - Picture Re-Takes 

Friday - 1st Spirit Day of the year - Wear a Kemp shirt! 

Up Coming Events:
September 22- Spirit Wear Day
September 25-29 Fall Break
October 12 STEM night and Science Fair
October 14 KEMP 5K
October 16-20 Conference week (Early Release)
October 23-27 Red Ribbon Week (more info to come)
October 24 Chic-Fil-A Night