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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Teen Numbers

Teen numbers are hard! They don't "sound like they look". For example ,when say 14 you hear the "four" first but it is written last. So we are learning that the teen numbers are like teenagers...they don't follow the rules. They always think of number 1 first. 😊. Sounds silly but it helps them remember when they write a number like 14 to not write 41. 

We have made sets and represented ( with place value, tens frame, and  number line) the numbers 11 & 12 this week!  

K9 Unit

I love learning about community helpers!  Kindergarten loved learning about how the K9 dogs are trained and watching them answer commands. The two officers that came were so great! By hey listened to the students questions and gave answers they could understand! 

Pictured from Left to Right Deputy Brandon Kilgore and K-9 Verro and Deputy Rickey Waters and K-9 Bikkel

(How do you get two dogs to look right at the camera?!?! Hold their squeaky toy above your head 😊)


We are leaning about Community Helpers!  Today we had Mrs. Quinn Thomas came and had the students help her make vanilla buttercream icing ! 
If you are looking for someone to make an amazing cake or cupcakes for you that not only looks amazing but taste delicious, she's your girl! 

Anyway, this is her 3rd year coming in and the kids love her!  The class was chanting "IT'S DELICIOUS!!!" Over and over! 

We made the icing YELLOW for the color of the week. Then we took the icing we made and frosted our sugar cookie. Yum Yum!! 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Book Orders

Book Orders are due Wednesday,  9/30

Visit   https://clubs2.scholastic.com/
Login as a parent using our classroom code : GQNV6

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Beginning Sounds

One of our standards is -I can identify the beginning, middle, and ending sounds in a word. 
We start out with beginning sounds.  We all knew what sound our name starts with so we started this week with some alliteration activities (alliteration is when words start with the same sound). 
Bradyn - bread 
Lyric - lollipop 
Hayden- house 

Reviewing numbers 1-10

This week we reviews numbers 1-10. Everyone did a great job writing their number and showing how much it represents!   (Just remember, drawing 10 frames are soooo hard!)
I think their favorite part of the day is showing and sharing what they know. They love to answer everyone's questions too! 

Letter P

Letter P week = PRINGLES !!!
We sampled cheddar cheese, original, and sour cream and onion Pringles !  Then we chose which was our favorite!

Friday, September 18, 2015

We are scientist!!!

Last Friday we read What Is a Scientist. We discussed that a scientist ask questions, makes observations, measures and counts, does experiments, and (most importantly) NEVER GIVES UP! 
Then we borrowed 5th grades lab coats and had our picture made. I am waiting on www.donorschoose.org to approve my project. I am requesting 23 lab coats and enough goggles for the class.  I will send out a link as soon as its approached that you guys can post on social media or send to friends and family. Don't forget these donations will be tax deductible. 


Today we read What is Science?.  Most of the students thought that all scientist mixed potions. I love this book. It talks about Science being trees, volcanos, rocks, the ocean, the sky, plants, and animals. 

Each student drew their favorite science. I had a lot of students who drew the volcanos, trees, and rocks. I cannot wait to explore all of these with them throughout this school year! 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Conference Week

Conference week is October 12-16.  I will be in a conference on the Thursday and Friday of that week (15 & 16).  Because of this, I will be doing conferences on Thursday 10/8, Friday 10/9, Monday 10/12, and Tuesday 10/13.  If you have a child with a sibling in the building, please choose a date on Monday or Tuesday so you can have the conference for your other child(ren) on the same day.  Thank you so much!

Sign Up for Conference Time Here

We need JUNK👍🏻😊

Your help is appreciated ! 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Zero the Hero!

He came! He came!  Zero the Hero changed our singles into a rod!

Check out zero the hero on the link below!
Watch Zero the Hero!