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Friday, September 18, 2015

We are scientist!!!

Last Friday we read What Is a Scientist. We discussed that a scientist ask questions, makes observations, measures and counts, does experiments, and (most importantly) NEVER GIVES UP! 
Then we borrowed 5th grades lab coats and had our picture made. I am waiting on www.donorschoose.org to approve my project. I am requesting 23 lab coats and enough goggles for the class.  I will send out a link as soon as its approached that you guys can post on social media or send to friends and family. Don't forget these donations will be tax deductible. 


Today we read What is Science?.  Most of the students thought that all scientist mixed potions. I love this book. It talks about Science being trees, volcanos, rocks, the ocean, the sky, plants, and animals. 

Each student drew their favorite science. I had a lot of students who drew the volcanos, trees, and rocks. I cannot wait to explore all of these with them throughout this school year! 

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