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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Growing corn 🌽

We learned about how Squanto helped the Pilgrims by teaching them how to plant crops.  We thought it was so cool that he showed them how to plant using dead fish.  So we decided to plant our own corn.  We planted corn seeds (a yellow M&M) into the mud (chocolate pudding), added a dead fish (swedish fish) , and went to lunch.  When we came back, corn had grown!!! Then we ate :) 


Pilgrim children had many chores and so do we! We read about the different chores that pilgrim children had to do and talked about how they were diffrerent from our chores today.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Math Stations

We have been working hard with our Thanksgiving play practice so we have only competed math stations.

Station 1: graphing and 1:1 

Station 2: Mystery Picture
Students will read their card using the place value side or ten frame side to determine the number that needs to be colored to revel the mystery picture.

 Station 3 Making combinations to 10
Students will roll the dice and create a combination for that number:(ex. roll a 3, 1 red and 2 yeellow 1+2=3)

Station 4: Counting on

Station 5: Decomposing teen numbers

Station 6: Computer 

Station 7:iPads

Station 8: Smartboard

Height and Length

We have been working on measuring and comparing objects.  Right now we are working on height and length.We talked about which words we use when we are comparing the  height or length of objects and how to line objects up to measure them.

We have been working in our Measurement Journals to put our math work down on paper!

The Mayflower

We Read If You Sailed on the Mayflowe in 1620 and talkedabout what we would have taken on the Mayflower.
On the trip, the passengers of the Mayflower had to eat hardtack and salt horse! Would we be able to survive? To see, we tried salt horse (beef jerky) and salt horse (a over cooked, hard roll) .  Now, you know I did not tell them it was only beef jerky and a roll.  Their faces were priceless.  They thought they were eating horse and kept asking about the heart attack.  After they tried it, we graphed to see if they would have survived on the Mayflower.  Then, I told them what they really ate :)