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Friday, November 11, 2016

Bald Eagle and Statue of Liberty

We learned about 2 American Symbols this week,
The Bald Eagle and The Statue of Liberty.

We learned about why the bald eagle is called a bald eagle and why it was chosen to be the national bird for the United States of America.  We also looked at the Berry College Eagle cam and saw the male and female bald eagle making their nest.  I cannot wait until January and February to show them the eggs and when the bald eagles hatch!

We learned lots of facts about the Statue of Liberty also. They could not believe that it use to be brown so we took a few copper pennies and added vinegar to symbolize the rain and pollution from hundreds of years and watched them change from brown to green! We then wrote down 3 facts we learned.  I was so impressed!

points, France, broke 
(has 7 points on her crown, gift from France, broken in pieces to get to America)

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