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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday Math

We are almost finished with single digits!  We worked on the number 8 this week. 

9 ... Our last single digit!  What will tomorrow bring...double digits 👍

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Monday and Tuesday Math

We are working our way through the single digits!  We worked on 6. They are really getting the hang of it and using their math vocabulary!!!
(They did their sharing in pencil)

We also learned how to represent 7!

Zero the Hero came and brought us Apple Jacks!!!!

Mrs. Pendley

Today was. Our first official visit with Mrs. Pendley.  She is our school Counsler.  She is an amazing woman who loves being around your children.   She taught the students today a great lesson on being a friend.  

Mrs. Pendley chose 4 students who showed excellent behavior and they were named her star students of the day. They got to go to her office and get a special treat.  We will be able to have time with Mrs. Pendley every month.   

Community Helpers - Police Officer and Doctor

The next two weeks we will be learning about community helpers. We learned what community helpers are and named some jobs that we thought were community helpers.  
Our first community helper was a police officer.  We read two books about what police officers do. We put our facts on our chart and then wrote about police officers. 

These are their serious police officer faces. 

Next we learned about doctors.  We charted how they help us and then wrote about doctors. 

Literacy stations for the next 2 weeks

Smart Board - Sight Word Bingo

iPads are great for differentiation. Some students are on games for letter identification, some are working on beginning sounds, vowel sounds, ending sounds, or reading CVC words (ex dog)

Syllables- students will clap out syllables in words and place the picture card in the correct column. 

Beginning sounds- Students match the picture to the beginning sounds letter/ if they finished the aorred the pictures by syllables. 

Students match the rhyming words 

Beginning sounds- students match the letter that makes the beginning  sound  the picture. 

Wrote the room- students walk around the room and match the letter to a word that starts with that sound. 

Writing - this is where I am spending most of my time. The students get 5 minutes to illustrate and then we work together to write a sentence. We use the word wall, our resources in our room, and either I sound out the word for them  or they sound it out (depending on of they are ready)