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Friday, September 12, 2014

Numbers 4 and 5 and the letter T

We are learning all about the number 4. During the opening, we start with our number cards showing different ways to show 4. Then we discuss how it looks on a ten frame, dot cube, number line, tally marks, place value, and in a set. 

During work time, the students work with partners to show the number in different ways. 

During the closing, 2 students are chosen to show their work, explain what they have done, and answer questions from the other students. 

We repeat this process daily. 😊

We also graphed transportation - how they go home daily  (letter T). 

In our poetry journal we illustrated Tamy Turtle! 

Every week we write about out letter of the week. I am so proud of how the students work has progressed! 

Our Tt craft was a tractor.  I love the way they turned out! 

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