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Monday, September 8, 2014

Literature Stations for the week

Station 1: iPads 
Students are placed in apps based on their needs to reinforce phonics/ phonemic awareness skills. 
Station 2: beginning sounds
Students match the picture to the letter that makes the beginning sound 
Station 3: Overhead 
Students match upper case letters to lower case letters. 

Station 4: smart board 
Students match letter sounds and work on alphabetical order 

Station 5: Write the Room 
Students search the room for words that start with A, B, C, etc....
Station 6: Making Letters 
The play dough was really moist after being in the classroom all weekend. We improvised with jewels. 
Station 7: making words 
Students match letters to create number and color words 

Station 8 : beginning sounds 
Student match the picture to it's correct beginning sound. 

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