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Monday, October 20, 2014

Math stations for the next 2 weeks

We are getting into harder task every week! 

Station 1-place value 
Students roll 2 dice  and build their number using rods and singles 

Station 2- iPads 
Students use iPads to make 20 

Station 3- Building teens 
Students draw cards (11-20) and build the number in tens frames with spooky spiders 

Station 4- matching numbers to their sets/number words 
0-10 match number, number word, and dot cubes 
11-20 match number, place value, twenty frames

Station 5- <,>,=
Students roll 10 sided dice and build a at that is greater than, less than, and equal to that number using skeletons 

Station 6- Twenty Frame 
Students build numbers using Halloween erasers

Station 7 - graphing 
Student choose a graph page and graph how many of each picture they see. Then they interpret their data by telling how many are in each row. when completed they would verbally answer which was the greatest, fewest, how many all together, and are any equal? 

Station 8- smart board 
Students will play number bingo 

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