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Saturday, October 4, 2014

50 Chart

And the mystery picture is....

Last week I just called out the numbers and they colored them in.  Today I drew the number in place value and then we found the number on the 50 Chart together and colored it in. 
We composed each number (I drew it they had to figure it out) , then we would tell if it's odd or even and how many more it would need to get to the next 10. 

For example in the picture above I drew one rod (10) and 6 singles(6). 
Compose-16- decompose 10 and 6 more 
16 is even because "no one is by themselves"  - We put our singles together in groups of two so we can easily see if a number is even or odd. Now we have to determine how many more to get to the next 10.  We practice this daily. If you have 6 you need 4.  

The final result ? An APPLE (it is "Aa" week) with a worm coming out.  

As you can see a very simple activity has a lot of learjing going on!  We even work in a little writing 😊. 

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