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Monday, March 31, 2014

Rocks and Soil

This week we are learning about rocks and soil. 

We are starting out very simple. We observed the rocks that were sent in. 
Thanks  to Mrs. Kelly Munoz, one of our fabulous 5th grade teachers,  I began by using a USB microscope to examine a fee of my rocks. I will admit I was probably too excited about using this. 

Then every set of partners received a magnifying glass to examine their rocks. 

Next we wrote in our Rock and Science Journals. 

Today we learned more facts about rocks.  We charted our new information.  Then, we used our Rock and Soil Journal and wrote 2 facts we learned about rocks. 

Today we went on a search around the school to find items that were made out of rocks.  Then we came back and recorded our observations in our Rock and Soil Journal.  

We talked about glass being made out of sand and sand is made from rocks so....glass is made out if rocks.  They were amazed! 

We also went on a rock hunt.  They had so much fun being outside. 

And someone wore the wrong shoes for hiking today...oops 😳

Today we examined our rock we found yesterday on our rock hunt.  We drew our rock and wrote words that described it and then wrote a few informational sentences about our rock. 

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