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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dr Seuss

This week we have had so much fun! 
We rotated to a different teachers' class everyday and heard their favorite Dr. Seuss story and made a craft! 
Monday we stayed in my room and I read Horron hears a Who (I had to choose one that's main character is an elephant😊)

We read the book and made elephant ears so we could hear any specks asking for help! 

Tuesday we traveled to Mrs. Whelchel's room.  She read Fox in Socks!

Then they all created their own sock! 

Wednesday was Mra. Schrein's room to hear The Cat in the Hat!  

On Thursday we went Mrs. Irvin's class.  She read Daisy Head Mayzie. 

We made our very own daisy heads 😊

Friday we would have visited Mrs. Pace's room for The Lorax. (We had an assembly so we will travel on Monday). I will add our pictures for this mech week )

Library time!

I was a star bellied Sneetch and Addison was Sam I Am 😊

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