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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Working on Writing

As we are becoming better writers, I needed a better way to remember what skills everyone is working on.  I decided to make a Working on Workng area.  It has worked beautifully.  I made 8 "I am working on....." signs and put them up on my board.  We had a day where all we talked about in writers workshop was what we needed to work on.  We went over each sigh and discussed what they meant.  Then,  I gave them 2 of their latest writing samples and asked them what they thought they needed to work on. 
As they told me what they thought I wrote their name on the board below that sign.  Their name could have more than one thing to work, but I stopped them if they wanted it under more than 2.  The most basic 2 things will be what we work on first and as we constantly get better we will erase their name from that sign and more it to a different area and we will work on something else. 
Not only does this help me while we are writing, the kids love it. They are seeing where their name is and they know exactly what to work on while they are writing.  
I love when I have an idea and it works!

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