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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Opinion Writing

Kindergartners are always wanting to tell you their opinion!!!  This came so natural to them.   
I asked them "Who likes bananas?"
Most of the class raised their hand.  I told them they could like bananas because I didn't like them.  
I do not like bananas because they are mushy and stinky! 

They said "just because you don't like them doesn't mean we can't!"  

I told then thy was my opinion.  

I had some of them tell me why they like bananas.  
- I like bananas because _____.  
Then I had to add in...
I like Alabama football because we always win.  

Next I asked them what was the best pet ?  Was it a dog, cat, or fish? 

We graphed it out, made our observations (I like to sneak math in whenever I can) and te wrote - 
I like ____ because _____.

They turned out wonderfully!!!!

Next we wrote about out favorite Dr. Seuss book. 

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