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Monday, March 31, 2014

Literacy Stations

Station 1- smart board sight words 
I went to ikea this weekend and bought step stools so they could reach.  I was way more excited about them than they were. 😊

Station 2- multiple meaning words 

Station 3- iPads
I bought 2 new apps
Montessori Phonics Kindergarten 
Montessori Phonics 1st grade 

Station 4- Writing books 
I love flipping through these and seeing how much they have grown in their writing. 

Station 5- making words
These contain simple CVC words (ex: cat) and harder words with blends at the beginning or the end (ex: stop/lamp)

Station 6: 
Identifying initial, medial, and final sounds /reading CVC words 

Station 7

Station 8 

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