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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Why is that sound long?

We decode words daily but might not know "why" we read some words the way we do. It's autumatic to us so when it comes time to teach our kids sight words or they coke to a word in a book they can't read, we just tell them the word or do the best we can.  
Well here is the "rule" I taught today. I say "rule" because in the English language there is always an exception to the rule. 

The CV phonics rule (Consonant Vowel) states that a reader can make a long sound at the end of a short word if it ends in a vowel. 
For example: hi, he, she, me, so, go

In hem, the vowel is short because it's stuck in between two consonants (CVC). 

In the word he, the e is able to stretch out and say his long sound (his name)

Same rule applies here...,

Get it? 

Now there is always an exception - to, do, etc...

However we had fun learning this "rule" today. 😊

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