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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Roots, Stems, Leaves and Flowers

We eat what?!?! 
Their faces were priceless when I told them that they are roots, stems, leaves, and flowers.    They said "we eat fruits and vegetables not roots!" 

We read Tops and Bottoms and watched a video on United Streaming about the parts of a plant that we eat.  

Ooooohhhhhh....well, maybe we do eat leaves 😱

The we ripped a piece if celery apart and examined the "straws" inside and we used the USB microscope to look closely.  

(Look closely....it's so cool)

We talked about how stems act like straw and suck the water out of the ground and up the plant.  We added food coloring to water so we could see the water move. 

Next we made a flip book to label the parts if a plant and even added our own facts about each part. 


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