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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Zero the Hero and Gummy Bears

Zero the Hero came and visited on the 20th day. He brought powdered donuts and changed 10 singles into a rod. 

Miss Ashley , our high school intern, is doing an amazing job teaching our Math Meeting. 

Mrs. Copeland, our student teacher , is rocking Number Talks!!!

Who doesn't love Gummy Bears?!?!  We do!  We each had a bag of "data" (gummy bears). We had to sort out data by color, count how many were  in each set, and tell which set had the fewest, most, and if any were equal. We could also put them in order from least to greatest. We organized our data in vertical lines. 

We are living the Letter G! 

We brainstormed different words that start with the /g/ sound. Then either write the word or a sentence and illustrated. 

We also made a gym all machine and placed pictures that stet with the /g/ sound inside. 

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