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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Math Stations

Station 1: iPads 
This app is called FindSum. I love it for one to one correspondence, number recognition, and making 10. 

Station 2: dice 
Students roll a number cube (dice) and then build a tower. For example, if they roll a 2 , they build a tower that is two cubes high. 

Station 3: sorting 
Students sort buttons by specific attributes (color, size, shape, number of holes)

Stations 4: 1:1
Students work on number recognition and using manipulatives to represent a number. 

Station 5: number recognition 
Students choose an elephant and then add that amount of links. For example, of the elephant has the number 4 written on it, the students add 4 links to the elephant 

Station 6: computers 
Students use interactive websites to enhance math skills. 

Station 7: SmartBoard 
Students use SmartBoard to practice math skills. 

Station 8
Students work on fine motor skills by lacing numbers (0-9) and then build a set to match that number. 

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