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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Learning Letters, Letter Sounds and Making Words

There are so many programs out there to help your child learn their letter, letter sounds, and eventually make words.  Now that I am beginning my 13th year of teaching, I have found the ones that seem to have the best results. 

Letter Factory

Letter Factory was created by Leap Frog and is what I used with both of my children.  It is a 35 minute DVD where Leap (the main character) travels through 26 letter rooms and learns their sounds (Ks kick and make the /k/ sound, the As are scared and make the /a/ sound). 

Word Factory

This DVD was also created  by Leap Frog.  Once your child has learned the letter sounds, Leap goes on another adventure to learn how to make words.  It works on blending words and word families. 

Word World 

Word World is also a great show.  It is on PBS and several episodes.  Each episode focuses on a letter or reading skill.  I love the characters and pieces of the setting are formed by the letters that make up the word.  Is so cute and children learn what the word look like and its meaning. 

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