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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Coloring Rubric

More details in a picture will equal more details in writing. 
How can your child improve: stay in the lines, use colors that make sense, fill in white space, and add details to their pictures. 
We sat down and I colored the first house. We discussed what I could have done better and I colored the next house. Did it look a little better ? Yes, but we still saw ways I could improve. So I colored the last one. They cheered! Whew!!! I'm so glad they finally approved of my work. 😊 We did this again with the sun and the tree. Adding details is a very important part also. We turned my stick man into a boy standing outside with grass, the sun, and birds. 
The rule I use in our classroom is if you are 5 years old, you need to use at least 5 colors in your picture. We also working on using those colors as part of the picture and each color having a purpose. 

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