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Friday, August 28, 2015

What is subitizing?

Subitizing : to perceive at a glance the number of items presented


Why is this important?

It saves time! 
 Subitizing numbers saves time through not having to count each individual member of group, but instead by simply perceiving the number immediately (Reys, et al., 2012). This comes in useful later on in Mathematics learning when students begin to deal with more complex numbers, or begin to deal with mathematical operations.

It is an important precursor for more complex number ideas.
Early number order relations link directly to Subitizing skills, as students who can competently name small groups are able to understand number facts such as that 3>2 and that 4 is one less than 3. This complex understanding of numbers facilitates learning of other mathematical processes as they go on in their schooling. 

It helps consolidate and develop more elaborate counting skills. 
Students who can Subitize small groups of numbers are able to develop their counting skills by beginning their counting after the subitized group, or by using subitizing to count forwards or backwards by twos, threes, or even larger groups later when they are exposed to more complex multiplication tables. (Reys, et al., 2012) This type of subitizing falls into the category of conceptual subitizing which occurs with larger number sets, and involves  breaking the group into smaller parts (Clements, 1999). 

It quickens the process of learning addition and subtraction. 
When children are able to subitize, it means that they are better equipped to handle addition and subtraction concepts, as they do not have to count each small group to be added or removed when learning operations with manipulatives (Reys, et al., 2012). 

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