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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Numbers 2, 3, 4

We have continued to work on numbers. We talked about all the ways to represent 2. 

We have been doing a modified Math Workshop while getting use to our rituals and routines. But we started full force with the number 3. 

I read Number Tales, 3 Bouncing Balls. We talked about how the number 3 was represented in the story and then went to our seat and drew a set of 3 and numbered it. Then one student was chosen to close the lesson by share what they did. Then "closer" the ask if there are any questions and is able to answer questions from their peers. It's awesome to watch! 

The next day, we reviewed what the quantity of 3 looked like with dot cards, ten frames, etc and filled in our number book. Then 2 students came up and shared / answered questions. 

We repeated the same process for 4. Drawing and labeling the first day after reading Number Tales. 

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