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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sight Words

Are sight words stressing you out and bringing your child to tears?!?!  If so, STOP THE INSANITY!  it's the first 9 weeks of kindergarten. They will get it!  Here is a "tip". 
I like the 70/30 rule (7 out of 3). For every 7 words the KNOW, give them 3 words they are struggling with.  If they don't know 7 words yet (and that is perfectly fine) give them 2 they know and 1 they don't.  Once they have mastered that word give them the 3 they know and and 1 more.  Then add 2 more, etc.  They need to feel confident and see progress to want to learn more. 

If your child is struggling with she - tell them to remember that sh is Mrs. Elkins favorite diagraph because it says shhhhhh😊

Remember these are sight words. In order for them to be able to move to the next list they have to know the words by sight (under 3 seconds) and read them fluently in phrases (example - she said to)

I hope these tips help! 


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Green Day and the Letter G

We look awesome in green!!!

An author and an illustrator must work together.   The author (me) needed the illustrator (the students) to make their poem come to life.  Illustrators must make the pictures match the words.  Thy did a great job! 

Lunch Money

If you have any questions about lunch money please go tohttps://www.mylunchmoney.com/index.aspx . You can create an account and keep up with how much money your child has on their account and put lunch money on their account. 

This is a great tool to keep up with lunch money.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Join PTA's text reminders/notifications

Don't miss out!  Join our text messenger to always be connected to PTA!  

You can download the Remind app and enter our code or text.    It's so easy! 

Math Stations and lots more

Great minds think alike!!

Mrs. Mittie (our hallway custodian) was out sick for a week 😞. She came back today!!!  We love Mrs. Mittie! 

Today was our first day of stations. We will rotate through these stations this week and repeat them again next week. 

Overhead station- students create or extend patterns using 2D shapes. 

Number recognition and lacing station- students will practice number recognition 

One to One correspondence - students are practicing counting one object per number. 

Pattern Blocks- students will manipulate 2 D shapes to fill larger shapes. 

Sorting by attribute- students will sort attribute pieces by size, color, thickness, and shape. 

Attribute Piece Cards
Sorting by attribute- students will sort buttons by size, color, thickness, number of holes and shape. 

Button Sort Cards
iPad- students will explore shapes through apps 

Smart Board- students will recognize and move shapes to fil the building. 

We learned about the cone! 

We also learned about the cylinder. 

During our writing time today we learned about spaghetti and meatball spacing!  

We also discussed alliteration (words that sound the same at the beginning) 

We had so much fun during our media center time! 

Number Concepts Continuum

Math, Math, Math....I love teaching Math.  I never thought I would utter those words but I love it.  I love teaching the basics of Math.  Just like how the Phonological Continuum in Reading progresses with sounds and the manipulation of sounds before a letter is introduced, number concepts begin with sets and quantities before numbers are introduced. So what are the basics?

1. Children need to be able to look at a set and tell if it is <,>, or = to another set.
2. Children need to be able to count a set of objects and know that each item represents one number.
3. Children need to be able to count a set and when they finish know that the last number they said is the amount in their set.
4 &5.  Children need to not only be able to identify a number, they need to know that a number isn't just a digit, its a quantity.  They have to "see" a number as an amount.
6.  Children need to be able to look at a set and tell how many (or have counted that set already) and be able to continue counting. (Example, if a child counted 4 beads and then you hand them 3 more, they should be able to say I had 4 now I have 5,6,7.  I have 7 beads)
7. Children need to be able to see standard sets and know how much they.  (Ex, dice and domino dot patterns, playing card patterns)  *See link below
8. Children need to be able to state what is one more and one less than a given number.  As this skill progresses , 2 more and 2 less.
9. Children need to be able to make 5 and 10 quickly.  (Ex. If they have 4 apples, they need 6 more to have 10.  If they have 1 orange, they need 3 more to have 5)
10.Children need to be able to identify the whole in a word problem (addition) or a part (subtraction)

Friday, August 22, 2014

The end of our crazy week!

This week we worked on what rhyming words were and identified and produced our own rhyming words! 

In Math workshop we continued working on 3 D shapes and even did some graphing ! 

Our Oo Book turned out fantastic!  We used the words we had come up with earlier in the week. 

SOUND MUNCHER!!!!!! I love sound muncher.  He comes to visit every week and rays items that start with our letter of the week. He had olives, oranges, owls, Oreos and Olaf to eat today (just to name a few) 

Oh no I forgot to take pictures of our O craft today.  I will do it Monday and add them to this post. 

This is one of our ways of keeping up with blow many days we have been in school.  So far we have been in school 15 days! 

I will begin sending sight words home when students are ready. Right now we are all in list one but once we start going we will make it all the way to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME (list 11) !!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Frog and Toad, Orange Day, 3D shapes

Today we read another chapter in our Frog and Toad are Friends book.  We discussed the characters again and I introduced the setting (where the story takes place). 
We illustrated and labeled the characters and the setting.  

We also wrote how we feel when we play with our friend. 

Look how cute we look all dressed in orange.  Do you know how hard it is for an Alabama fan to wear orange?!?! I digress ... The kids look amazing supporting Kindergarten! 

We illustrated our Orange Song in our poetry notebook 

We started 3D shapes in math today.  We discussed the sphere. A sphere had 0 sides, 0 angles, and 0 faces. It also rolls.