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Friday, August 22, 2014

The end of our crazy week!

This week we worked on what rhyming words were and identified and produced our own rhyming words! 

In Math workshop we continued working on 3 D shapes and even did some graphing ! 

Our Oo Book turned out fantastic!  We used the words we had come up with earlier in the week. 

SOUND MUNCHER!!!!!! I love sound muncher.  He comes to visit every week and rays items that start with our letter of the week. He had olives, oranges, owls, Oreos and Olaf to eat today (just to name a few) 

Oh no I forgot to take pictures of our O craft today.  I will do it Monday and add them to this post. 

This is one of our ways of keeping up with blow many days we have been in school.  So far we have been in school 15 days! 

I will begin sending sight words home when students are ready. Right now we are all in list one but once we start going we will make it all the way to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME (list 11) !!!!

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