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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sight Words

Are sight words stressing you out and bringing your child to tears?!?!  If so, STOP THE INSANITY!  it's the first 9 weeks of kindergarten. They will get it!  Here is a "tip". 
I like the 70/30 rule (7 out of 3). For every 7 words the KNOW, give them 3 words they are struggling with.  If they don't know 7 words yet (and that is perfectly fine) give them 2 they know and 1 they don't.  Once they have mastered that word give them the 3 they know and and 1 more.  Then add 2 more, etc.  They need to feel confident and see progress to want to learn more. 

If your child is struggling with she - tell them to remember that sh is Mrs. Elkins favorite diagraph because it says shhhhhh😊

Remember these are sight words. In order for them to be able to move to the next list they have to know the words by sight (under 3 seconds) and read them fluently in phrases (example - she said to)

I hope these tips help! 


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