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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Math Stations and lots more

Great minds think alike!!

Mrs. Mittie (our hallway custodian) was out sick for a week 😞. She came back today!!!  We love Mrs. Mittie! 

Today was our first day of stations. We will rotate through these stations this week and repeat them again next week. 

Overhead station- students create or extend patterns using 2D shapes. 

Number recognition and lacing station- students will practice number recognition 

One to One correspondence - students are practicing counting one object per number. 

Pattern Blocks- students will manipulate 2 D shapes to fill larger shapes. 

Sorting by attribute- students will sort attribute pieces by size, color, thickness, and shape. 

Attribute Piece Cards
Sorting by attribute- students will sort buttons by size, color, thickness, number of holes and shape. 

Button Sort Cards
iPad- students will explore shapes through apps 

Smart Board- students will recognize and move shapes to fil the building. 

We learned about the cone! 

We also learned about the cylinder. 

During our writing time today we learned about spaghetti and meatball spacing!  

We also discussed alliteration (words that sound the same at the beginning) 

We had so much fun during our media center time! 

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