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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day 4

Today our Math Workshop lesson was on the square.
We discussed the attributes (characteristics) of a square and drew a square in our environment.

We also continued to explore our manipulatives while Mrs. Elkins and Mrs. Amos assessed letter names, letter sounds, numbers 0-20, and shapes.

After lunch we worked on our Color Rubric. 
What does good coloring look like?
We came up with these 4 things.
Adding details is a big deal.  The more detail in your pictures = more detail in your writing later on.  We discussed things like...
your arms and legs do not come out of your head, that you have a body
you are wearing clothes, put clothes on you in your picture
put hair on your person, etc

I always ask "Is your person standing in an empty, white room?" .  If not, you need to add details in the background of your picture. 

I also added you use the number of colors that match your age.  For example, if you are 4 your picture must have AT LEAST 4 colors, if you are 5 your picture must have AT LEAST 5 colors.

We also read Wemberley Worried.  Poor Wemberley worries about everything!  We made a list of things we worried about.  We finished the sentence starter- I worry about ______ and illustrated.


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