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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Just another Monday 😊

We went on a shape hunt!!!!  We walked all around the school looking for circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, and hexagons.  

When we returned to the classroom we recorded  our findings in our Shape Journal. 

We read A Circle Here, A Square There 

We talked about the letter O today!  We discussed that it has 2 sounds and is a vowel. 
I love AlphaTales!  Today we read about Olive the Octopus! 
Then we charted Oo words. 

We also discussed labeling today.  A label tells about the picture.  I pointed to parts of the pictures and they told me what I was pointing at and then we discussed how to sound it out and label it! 

I love reading Frog and Toad books!  Today we discussed "What is a character in a story?" (characters are who the story is about) 
When we finished reading the first chapter, we illustrated the characters. 

What?!?!   We are only at 30% class membership 😞. Please join PTA today! The cost is $6. You can join online or send money in your child's binder.  


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