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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Our First Day!

We had an amazing day.  It went by so fast!!!  We had so much fun!

We read The Gingerbread Man and when we finished the gingerbread man had left us a message!!

We chased him all over school.  We searched the gym, art room, music room, computer lab, office, lunchroom, library, bus line, car line, and playground. We finally chased him back to our room where he left us gingerbread cookies and disappeared.  We were sad we never caught him but so excited that he left us a snack. 

We took one bite of our gingerbread and the ripped a paper gingerbread man to match our first bite.  (Did we eat the head, leg, or arm first?). Then we graphed our data and made observations about the information on our graph. 

Next we played Who Took The Cookies From The Cookie Jar? 
We used the Smart Board random name generator to play.  After each child's name was called they would come up and select the next student. 

Sorry about the dark picture. We had to have the lights off to see 😊

What are our rules???
We read David Goes to School and talked about all the good and bad choices David made.  Then we made a Do and Don't list.  

We will continue to work on rules and play Who Took The Cookies From The Cookie Jar? To learn everyone's names.  
This is going to be a great week! 

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