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Friday, August 12, 2016

Week 2

We have been talking about rules, procedures and feelings the last two weeks. We have read several books that have helped us have great discussions! 

In math we have started talking about numbers. We are showing our numbers in several ways. We are counting, seeing how many more to make 5, identifying what's one more and one less and looking at place value and using that to tell if a number is even or odd. 

We work on this chart, along with reading a book about our number during the opening of our math lesson. 

During work time we work with our partner to fill out the page below or draw and number a set. 

When we close, a student is able to come up to the smart board and show what they have learned to the class and answer questions from their peers. 

We were able to check books out today in the media center!!!!

What?!?! It's already the 10th day of school! Zero the hero came today and brought us donuts (shaped like a zero) to help us remember how important 0 is!!!

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