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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Reading Stations

We completed our first day of Reading  Stations. The students dos an amazing job learning what to do at their station and how to switch. We will do 2 stations a day, 4 days a week. 

Station 1: read to self 
Students are reading/taking picture walks  through books. 

Station 2: Students use on sticker as their idea for writing. They illustrate around the sticker and write a sentence or label their picture. 

Station 3 :Letters 
Students use attribute pieces to form capital and lowercase letters. 

Station 4: depending on your child's needs, students will use apps to help them with readings skills. 

Station 5: Students use magnets to spell color words and number words. 

Station 6: Studnets are able to play reading games or watch video clips that help them with the reading skill they are currently working on. 

Station 7: One student calls out a word (or letter) and the other students have to find it using their swatters. 

Station 8: Students play memory with letters and letter sounds. 

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