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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Math Stations

Station 1: Smartbord 
We are working on sorting by color and size. Then putting our objects in order from least to greatest. 

Station 2: Making 5
Students roll a number cube (0-5)and build only on their 5 frame. 
If they roll a 2 , they place 2 counters in their 5 frame and say I have 2, I need 3. 

Station 3: estimation 
We are estimating how many inch cubes we think it will take to fill our shape, then filling out shapes and seeing how close we were! 

Station 4: Crossout to 9
We are using 10 SIDED DICE! We roll the dice and cross out the number. This helps us see sets as numbers. 

Station 5: roll and record 
We are rolling 2 dice to practice counting. 

Station 6: iPads 
We are still working on find sum. This is a great app to help with making 10. 

Station 7: computer 
We are using Starfall or IXL

Station 8: Sorring by attributes 
We are sorting out buttons by color, size, shape, or the amount of holes. 

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