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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Math Stations

We began our math stations and did an amazing job! 

Station 1: Cross Out
Students roll the dice and cross out the number each time they roll. The object is that they recognize the dots on the dot cube (dice) quickly without having to count. 

Station 2: Counting Out Sets
Students have to count out and create sets for the numbers.  They are looking for patterns such as a set of 4 and another set of 4 make 8. 

Station 3: Play Dough 
Students are creating sets in 10 frames for their number. We are working on how many more to make 10 also. 

Station 4: iPad
The app they are playing is called find sum. They work to fill the 10 frame with friendly numbers (numbers that make 10-4&6,3&7) 

Station 5: Computers
Students used abcya.com to work on counting skills. 

Station 6: Counting 
Students counted the buttons and wrote the amount in the counting jar. 

Station 7: Creating sets 
Students chose an elephant and then counted out the correct amount of links. 

Station 8: smartboard 
His face says it all! They love the smart board. Students use the game to practice missing numbers and matching numbers to sets. 

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