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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Letter O, 5 Senses, Scientist, Numbers 3,4,&5

We had a wild and crazy week of learning! 

We have talked about our 5 senses all week. 

We went on a walk around the building and then came back and drew something we saw. 

We also explored the sense of hearing. We listened to different sounds and then drew what we heard. 

We also explored our sense of touch by walking the building and feeling the different textures. Then we used our sense of smell to guess what we were smelling. 

On Friday we explored our sense of taste on Friday by trying OLIVES !!! It was not only a great way to try something new but it was O week too! We tried black and green olives. Some liked them, some did not but their faces were priceless! 

Then we graphed whether we liked green olives, black lives, or neither. (Believe it or not a few put one for black and green because they liked both!) 

We also had yellow day this week. 

We are scientists!
We read What is a Scientiest? and What is Science? We drew what our favorite science to explore would be and charted what a Scientiest does. 

We got 3 tolls that Scientiest use: safety googles, lab cots, and magnifying glasses. 

Then we visited Mrs Youngs in the STEM lab so she could see our real scientists! 

In Phonics and Teading this week we looked at the formation of lower case letters. Some are tall, some are small, and some fall. 

We chatted our O words. We have to charts because O has two sounds! 

In Math we learned to write and represent the numbers 3,4,&5!

Our tricks are up! Those tricky letters won't trick us! 

We now have 5th grade helpers that come every morning! They are a great help!

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