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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Literacy Stations

Station 1: sight words 
Students worked on recognizing the letters in their sight words or spelling their sight words.  

Station 2: computers 
Students work on starfall to enhance their reading skills. 

Station 3: HotDots 
Students use the "magic pens" to answer questions about word families or letters. 

Station 4: sticker story 

Station 5: Letter of the week book
Students work with Mrs Enfinger to read their letter of the week book. 

Station 6: iPads 
Students are working on apps that help them identifying beginning, ending, or middle sounds. 

Station 7: Smart board 
Students use the smart board to match letters, play sight word bingo, or spell words 

Station 8: Listening 

We love when Mrs. LaRocque comes in and joins us! 

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