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Friday, November 8, 2013

Veteran's Day

I asked a simple question...or so I thought. "What is a veteran?"
...no one knew. Now, in their defense I did not give them any clues.
Then, I showed them a powerpoint I made of members of my family who were veterans or still activly serving in different areas of the military. We discussed that a veteran is someone who served in the military.   We discussed that veterans can be young or old and can be  men or women.  They came up with several ideas after "They fought for our freedom."  "They kept us safe." and "They protected our county".

We made a soldier and then wrote "Dear Veteran, Thank you for..."  I was very proud of how they turned out. 

The craft was on TPT.  If you want to look, here is the link.

Veteran's Day Writing/Craft

We also wrote about Veterans in our poetry journals. 

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