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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Native Americans

This week we began talking about the Native  Americans.  We began by discussing the Native Americans that were around when the pilgrims did not have an alphabet.  They used pictures to tell stories.  

Then we made buckskins and tepees and drew Native American Symbols on them. 

Next we read, Squanto and theFirst  Thanksgiving.  

We talked about how he taught the pilgrims to grow their crops.  We then "planted our own corn". We put a corn seed ( candy corn) in dirt (chocolate pudding) and then added the fish to help it grow (Swedish Fish).  

We did some work and then went to lunch.  When we came back, CORN HAD GROWN!   Amazing 😊 

We then made our necklaces, headbands, and our vests for our feast. 


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