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Friday, November 15, 2013

The Mayflower

Today we talked about the Mayflower.  Most of the kids already knew it was a ship. Some said the Native Americans were on it and others said pilgrims. We skimmed through facts from ...If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620.  
We found out some pretty cool facts.  
*There were 102 Pilgrims on the ship (  that is close to how many Kindergartners we have)

*They could only take 1 chest filled with their belongings. If it didn't fit, they had to leave it.

We made a Mayflower and wrote something the pilgrims took with them. 

*They ate (what the sailors called) hardtack (hard biscuit) and salt horse (salted beef).  

I asked " Could you have survived by eating this on the Mayflower ?"   Most said yes so we decided...well I decided..they would try hardtack and salt horse. They were not thrilled about it.  They said, "Eeewww! What is it?  Do we really have to eat it?   It sounds gross? " 

Now of course I didn't tell them it was beef jerky and a roll. 

We then graphed our responses. 

Our mystery picture was so much fun this week.  We started our 100 chart. Usually my picture has something to do with the letter of the week.  I tricked them this week 😊


After such a fun week, I couldn't believe my little Auburn fan came in wearing his Auburn shirt.    I am trying my best to convert him!! 


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