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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

F is for FOOTBALL !!!

My phenomenal team mate came up with this idea.  I am so jealous that it wasn't mine :).  We made a football field goal, end zone, and a football.  Our writing was "My favorite football team is....". 
The suspense was killing me!  Who would they choose?   We brainstormed all their teams.  Of course, Alabama was the first team mentioned (whew!!), followed by Georgia , South Paulding, Auburn (gag!), Hiram, and the Atlanta Falcons.  Who would come out on top? 

Auburn had 2.

Hiram had 1

Georgia had 3. 

The Falcons had 2. 

And the winner is.....
Alabama had 9!!! 

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  1. I'm sure they are not influenced by their teacher at all! :0)